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To all Swindon Caravan Club members

The committee wish you health, happiness and top caravanning in 2019!


New Committee Member

The Chairman, Secretary and the committee welcome Clive Belcher.  

Clive  has been voted on to the Committee for 2019.   


The list of items for sale on behalf of Mr Mike Weller, who has ceased caravanning.  

Contact Mr Peter Wigham on either 01793 825404 or 07484216023

                               1.    40Ltr Aqua Roll (brand new)                        £20.00                    

                               2.    2 Wheel locking studs                                     £10.00

                               3.    2 off Wastemasters                                         £10.00 each

                               4.    Pair of levelling ramps                                   £10.00

                               5.    Winding handle                                                £2.00

                               6.    Bulldog Hitch Lock                                           £10.00

                               7.    25Mtr  extension cable                                    £5.00

                               8.    2 off 2 into 1 cable                                             £5.00 each

                               9.    Caravan Winter Wheels                                   £2.00

                             10.    2 off Plastic Caravan Steps                            £5.00 each ONO

                              11.    Extension Cable                                               £5.00

                              12.    Kampa Rally Pro Air 260 Porch Awning, complete with Storm poles and straps  £300


                              FREE ITEMS

        Breathable Groundsheet, Plastic and Steel Pegs plus various plugs and wiring. ___________________________________________________________

How We Handle Your Data


If you are a member of the Club, by joining,  you have agreed to us using your contact details so that we can facilitate your membership.  If you would prefer that we do not hold your contact details please email us stating your request and we will delete the information we hold - this may invalidate your membership as we will not be able to communicate with you on club matters.

If you are not a member yet and contact the Club.  We will retain your email address so that we can communicate with you.  If you do not join the Club and you require your email address to be deleted from the Club contact list please let us know and we will facilitate this.

For all the information we hold about members and contacts the club will not publish, share or use that information in any way (other than as declared above) without your express permission.



The Annual General Meeting will take place on:

Your committee would welcome your attendance at this year’s AGM. New ideas and views will be

gratefully received.  Please support your club and committee.

1st September 2019 at the Coleview Community Centre

 Refreshments will be provided from 10:15 a.m.

Meeting to commence at 10:30 a.m. and finish at 12:30.   

Coffee, Tea and soft Drinks will be available for the meeting. There is parking at the centre.

The address is Coleview Community Centre, Towcester Road, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, SN3 4AS.

Members, please attend the meeting and support the club.


Instructions for Members - From BLCCA Meetings

Clubs were reminded that under BLCCC rules the flying of Drones or Kites near caravans is strictly forbidden.

The consensus from clubs was that a Non Unit Owning Member (NUOM), had to be over 18 years of age and want to attend a rally in a members unit. Then these individuals must be a club NUOM member. Each club is to decide if a NUOM member had a vote at club meetings.


The BL Association Committee have undertaken a review of the practice of using gas cylinders outside of units and the conclusion was that tall large external gas cylinders present an unacceptable hazard.

It was agreed that the Association would encourage the use of touring caravans and motorhomes in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers, whereby gas cylinders are located in dedicated internal storage lockers.

Where is it necessary to keep gas cylinders outside of a unit’s locker, for example where an old caravan does not have a purpose built locker, the permitted maximum size is now limited to 15kg. The cylinder must be strapped securely to the unit and connected with a short proprietary hose in good condition and not be under any strain or vulnerable to strain.

The practice of using an external cylinder to feed into the caravan system via a barbeque outlet is not permitted irrespective of size of cylinder.



The subject of E cigarettes and vaporizers was raised and after it had been reported that a few individuals have been smoking them at social evenings it was agreed that the No Smoking ban remains and both E cigarette and Vaporizer smokers should go outside with normal smokers.



This subject was discussed and agreed that any illegal drugs taken on rallies are banned by all clubs, anybody found to be using illegal drugs will be asked to leave the rally field and the police will be notified.


Other BLCCA Information

*  Rally Slips must not be accepted before 15th January.

*  On rallies where BLCCC Exemption Certificate is to be used; the 20ft Foot separation rule must be strictly adhered to. (please refer to the rally book for details of the rules).

*  School Sites – when rallying on school sites, the caravans must not connect to the school electrics.




The Rally Officer is actively pursuing a number of opportunities for rallies in 2020 but would be happy to follow up any suggestions from club members for new sites.  Please contact Nigel or Tony direct or email the club, SwindonCaravanandcampingclub@Hotmail.co.uk.


The rallies for 2019 have been announced.  See here.


Every rally relies on Club Marshals to make it run smoothly.  The task is not onerous and is very rewarding.  

Why not volunteer next season?  It is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.




Your Committee keep the website refreshed and up to date to ensure it provides you with all the information you need.

They hope you enjoy using it and are happy to hear your views on the appearance and any improvements you’d like to see.

This Webmaster’s website update information can be viewed here.




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Here you will  find BLCCA news, other club news and general  information from the Committee.